MCD MultiMedia is now adding a new Product & Service we’d like to offer our clients. 


We will customize your DVD’s with your Company’s Logo and Your Own Designs giving it a more Personal and Professional appearance.  


Our printing hardware gives us the capability of printing directly on the Disk itself, therefore enhancing a reflective surface of vibrant colors on your customize DVD. With today’s printing technology evolving this Direct DVD Printing it’s etched printed and heat dried directly onto the DVD, therefore it will not damage or fade out your custom design DVD's.


As part of the Direct Disk Replicating Service, I will inspect your file and ensure optimal print results. This new feature of product and services is provided to all my clientele in combination with Video/Photography Services. In addition, special rates for bulk printing of CD/DVD’s is available for Special Events, Seminars, Business, and Ministry etc. upon request.


Let us make your project our next. 


Price Range:

Customize Direct Disk Printing........1 - 10 Disk ($10 each)

                                                            10 - 20 Disk ($8 each)

                                                            20 - 30 Disk ($6 each)

                                                            30 - 40 Disk ($4 each) 

                                                            40 - 50 Disk ($2 each)

                                                            50 - 500 Disk ($1 each) 

                                                            500 - 1000+ Disk ($.50 each)