Chad & Julie Aranca

Hale Koa Hotel Wedding

Chad and I got married on November 5th, 2016. We both decided not to have any photographer and videographer for our wedding until a very last minute recommendation from a family member which was MCD Multimedia.


After coordinating with Will and Vanessa with such short notice, they both agreed to be our main videographer and photographer for our ceremony and reception. The professionalism they have provided was nothing short and absolute top notch service on our special day.


Once we received our copies of the video and photos, we were stunned of the overall professional quality of both photos and video. They provided both master copies and USBs for flexibility. Till this day we recommend to our friends and family to MCD Multimedia for their photography and video needs.


Thank you Will and Vanessa for your hard work and awesome video and photos. We appreciate all your hard work. Hope we can do future events again.


Howard & Mika Pahed

Ko'olina Le Plage Frais Marina Chapel Wedding

Working with Will and Vanessa made the difference in remembering the precious moments from our wedding. When we got our wedding album and video, I was blown away how much having both made a difference in bringing back the memory of that special moment. They were accommodating which made my wife happy and had experience in capturing that picture perfect moment during the ceremony and reception. I highly recommend Will for any capturing any special occasion, he's the total package to in the photography and videography. 


Howard & Mika.

Married on July 10th, 2016 


Maki Kelly Tsuzaki - Wedding Coordinator

Ko'olina Le Plage Frais Marina Chapel

It was very first time to work with them at our wedding chapel. Will and Vanessa came over to the site in advance to give the wedding couple the best shots and service. We were very impressed by his sincere work ethic and passion for filming.


On the wedding day they came early enough to walk through with crews, and it was very fun working with them. Customers seemed very relaxed and enjoyed their big day. I received the movie from Will and shared it with my co-workers. We liked it very much. They brought out the beauty of our wedding chapel in the movie, and the way they edited was amazing! I'm sure the wedding couple was so happy to have this movie as their life long memory.

I highly recommend MCD MultiMedia as photo/movie crew!!!


Pastor Lana Kini

Pentecostal Faith Assembly Gathering Place Church

The quality of service and the professionalism that both William and Vanessa showed us from the start was just so wonderful. From the day before the wedding when they came to the church I was so impressed at how much they really cared about this special day for the bride and groom. They treated this couple like family and not just another paying job. I saw the true care and the professionalism that they showed everyone from the ushers to the bridemaids, parents, family and friends.


I would highly recommend MCD Multimedia to anyone who would like to have excellent quality service along with the good value that this company offers. I have been officiating weddings for many years and have seen many photographers come in and film a wedding but I have never seen so much compassion from them to make sure that this bride and groom would have a very memorable reminder of such a special day.


Bruce Eselu

Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame Inductee Awards (O'Brian Eselu) The Hyatt Regency Hotel

Aloha Wil, thank you for everything! I want to let others know how well of a job you have done. My late brother, O'Brian Eselu was posthumously inducted in to the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame on May 1, 2016 at an event titled "A LEI OF STARS". It was held at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom and O'Brian was one of seven being inducted on that day.

I found Wil on Google under his Company name, MCD MultiMedia. I telephoned Wil and he returned my call and we started communicating. Before our first meeting I did review his website and checked out his work. My first impressions was his professionalism, his knowledge and expertise in the world of photography. 

On the day of event there was a special aura lingering. As the inductee's and their guests slowly gathered in the foyer before the doors opened, Wil immediately went in to photographer mode. My brother's former students from his Halau, Na Wai Eha O Puna and Ke Kai O Kahiki arrived and supporters from musicians he recorded and performed with, recording label agents he produce music for, his Halau Aunty's and others. It was a nice time to be there, on a day we Hawaiian's call, "May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii" and the lei's did not disappoint, it filled the room with the sweet scent of an abundant of flower garlands.

Wil never stopped clicking the camera from beginning to end. He stayed longer than I hired him for, from a 3 hour gig that ended to be a 6 hour world-wind of a Hawaiian experience. Wil captured everything in sight and most important he captured the aloha, camaraderie and family feel that O'Brian has instilled in his students and in his halau. As the event reunited the Halau from students that started in 1979 to my brother's passing in 2012, the pictures reflect that continuing heart beat of aloha and the sense of connection between the students no matter what year it may have been. They all connected. The pictures reveal old stories were remembered, happy experiences with their Kumu never forgotten and the love is forever that will connect all of them.

To top it all off, Wil has surprised me by saying he has produced an short YOUTUBE video that I can GOOGLE on HAWAIIAN MUSIC HALL OF FAME - O'Brian Eselu. I did check it out and WOW. Those of you searching for a photographer you can GOOGLE it too.

Thank you again Wil. I wish you all the best and I will call you again!

Aloha and Mahalo nui loa,

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